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The Top Five Popular Bicycle Brand

times   2015-10-31
With increasing people's material life level, food and clothing and worry people are worried about healthy problem. Sub-health, obesity, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, stroke, gout, a number of chronic diseases. And always threaten the people`s heath. Today, the importance of health has become the biggest concern, "bike" as synonymous with green, low carbon.
To introduce the below from January 20, 2015 Baidu search index, the five bicycle brand ranking of the most popular in China:

1、GIANT, baidu search index: 65185

Headquarters is located in Taiwan, founded in 1972, one of the largest company from production to sales worldwide, the company sales network spread more than 50 countries, also set up the branch in the multinational.

2、MERIDA, baidu search index: 36861
Established in 1972, MERIDA industrial co., LTD was focus on professional development, production and high-grade bicycle, Taiwan's first brand. One of the top ten mountain bike brand. On the year around 2000, the theme bike on "17 years old bike" movie is brand of MERIDA. MERIDA is one of the world champion selection.
3、FOREVER, baidu search index: 36698
Brand introduction: the FOREVER bicycle group was established on December 1, 1986. China's first bicycle production group. In 1940, FOREVER is famous in the world, went public in 1993. In 2000, they begin to environmental protection development, now has a bicycle, electric bike, liquefied petroleum gas booster bicycle, in addition to the bicycle, involving bowling equipment, automatic mahjong table, such as paving material of plastic type. FOREVER has a certain significance, is the generation of an indelible memory.
4、PHOENIX, baidu search index: 24981
Shanghai PHOENIX bicycle co., LTD., originated in 1897, China's first bicycle garage to a dealership. In January 1959, the "phoenix" brand was created. In 1993, PHOENIX in the Shanghai stock exchange. Shanghai phoenix has one hundred bicycle manufacturing experience, win the broad market with high quality, which made outstanding contributions to China's bicycle industry development.
5、DAHON, baidu search index: 18340
DAHON offer the industry in the first-class research and development engineers, equipped with advanced production equipment, annual output capacity of 500000 units. Has more than hundreds of domestic and foreign patents, in addition to the line is widely used in large folding bikes, more authorized several top trade usage. And through the ISO9001 quality system international certification (TUV), as the leader of folding market marketing development direction by the attention of all parties concerned.


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