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The secret of metal screen printing signs

times   2015-11-04

After different production process, the ues of metal signs are different. Products have nameplates, badges, badge, medal, key chain, cap badge, cap clip, wallet, medals, commemorative coins, craft signs, cuff links, photo frames, mobile phone hang act the role ofing, tie clip, tags, bottle opener, and other craft accessories and all kinds of metal plates, metal nameplate and several different categories of all kinds of metal plate products.
Common metal signs are mainly metal flat drying plates, metal screen printing plates,  metal plates , metal plating and metal corrosion electroform nameplate, metal thermal transfer plates and metal sand plates. Here are some introductions about the metal screen printing sign.
Metal screen printing signs refers to the resin type of ink, after the prophase processing of silk screen printing on the panel, and then to keep the light, laminating process can be made into all kinds of exquisite color printing metal


metal nameplate


Metal printing plate making technology is an aspect of screen printing technology. Now all kinds of screen printing signs have been widely used in electronics and home appliances products, especially adopted new decoration process on the surface of all sorts of signs. With delicate, elegant and colorful decorative effect to be displayed in front of people, which improve the value of the goods and competition ability.

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