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KINGGUAND Metal Sticker for Cosmetic Products

times   2016-03-22

               KINGGUAND Metal Sticker for Cosmetic Products

Shenzhen KINGGUAND nameplate Co., Ltd, specialized in research & design metal artwork nameplate since 2003,

Below is our label used in Cosmetics products, have a look.

COSMETIC LABEL 1: mirror aluminum material, silk screen print sands gold, embossed shiny gold, back with permanent 3M adhesive.

COSMETIC LABEL 2: 96% very shiny mirror reflective aluminum material, printing black, two level embossed frame and 4dots, debossed logo.

COSMETIC LABEL 3: mirror aluminium material, film print logo, 1.5mm thickness, back with 3M adhesive.

COSMETIC LABEL 4: aluminium material, print gold and black, delicately to embossed flower lace exquisite.

COSMETIC LABEL 5: printing black and gold, brush a level oil, embossed for perfume bottle.

COSMETIC LABEL 6: anodized gold or silver aluminum, milling thin lines in background and CNC engraving, bendable.

Custom a brand logo label for your cosmetic products in a hurry, it will be more high-end, popular and beautiful. email us [email protected]

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