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How much do you know about nameplate?

times   2015-10-20

The definition of Nameplate

Nameplate, as the name suggests is for the production of logo signs, with text, graphics and other content to play the role of specified direction and warning above. There are so many common nameplate, such as electroforming nameplate, the company nameplate, coppernameplate, warning nameplate, Automobile Nameplates, etc.


automobile nameplate

The materials used in Nameplate production are:

Non-metallic materials: acrylic, color board, PVC, glass, wood and other signs.

Metal Material: stainless steel, iron, zinc alloy, brass, aluminum and other signs.

Ceramic Material: pure ceramic, metal-ceramic composite glass

Two points of Nameplate function:

 First, the plate has a mark, warning role nameplate mainly to the performance of its visual effects. For example: words convey, it is a symbolic token, directions, implied or more.

Text styles can show personality, backgroundn and meaning. Form and sign with a symbolic representation and tectonic significance.


Second, the nameplate is an information transmission media, which has advertising, warning functions.


Product Description: Using photoluminescent materials with extinction, STORING function, absorb light at daylight, lighting and other visible 20 minutes, sustainable light more than 12 hours.

Absorbance, luminescence process unlimited duration used repeatedly. No power supply, maintenance-free, light-emitting safety factor of up to 100%.

Continuous service life of up to 15 years.

Wall Mount matte PVC and transparent PVC plus two silver frame, comes with stickers.

Material: nameplate with adhesive frosted PVC.


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