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How many types of signs do you know?

times   2015-10-29

Signs have lots of types, today we would like to introduce these types with different classification.
Classified by Signs Material: wooden brand (sub wood, wood), metal plate (copper, iron, aluminum label, tin, titanium, organic brand, brand mix, luminous signs (such as neon, LED light source licensing, a light guide plate) .

Classified by region: Outdoor signs (such as residential signs, Traffic signs, Public see Licensing), Indoor signs.
Classified by function: Instructions guide cards, Industrial nameplates, Card brand, Medals, Badges and so on.

Classified by craft: Etching plate, Paint cards, Electroplating cards, Silk screen card, Carving licensing, Luminous licensing, Reflective licensing, Touch card, Molded cards, Plastic cards, Punch cards, Cards carving, Sandblasting card, Drop Plastic cards and Hot (cold) transfer boards.
Classified by the install form : Hanging, Wall-type, Column type, Mosaic and so on.






Signs classified by material
1, Smooth Signage: screen or board have oily, very smooth.
2, Luminous materials signs: cards with luminous material (we usually call the Neon Lights).
3, Acrylic signs: the main material of board are made from acrylic material. For example, the “McDonald's “ is a acrylic signs"!
4, The metal plate: In the absence of special circumstances specified, plate surface with a metal plate as the main material of the board or used on the text and Metal are the main carrier identification.
5, the electro-optical board signs: use light-emitting diodes or luminous tube can achieve monochrome or color performance. Light-emitting diodes and performance can be divided into luminous electro-optical board, LCD, LED, CRT

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