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How to print self-adhesive stickers ?

times   2015-11-02

Many others want to know how to print the adhesive stickers,today we would like to talk about this magic.

First,you should find a sticker.Behind the paper, we can found a viscose. It is easy to peel adhesive layer of wax anti-sticky paper. And can adhered to the other items after peel off, which is mainly on commodity labels, signs, etc. Such stickers are mostly formed by letterpress, flexible letterpress, offset or screen printing.


the offset sticker


A special kind of self-adhesive stickers printing press can operating and automatic completion of its printing and processing operations, which can be used for multi-color overprint and then by rolling type, etc. However, there are so many kinds of such stickers, because of different objects, varies from paper, plastic, foil, cardboard or other special materials. The viscosity also have strong viscosity, medium strength, low intensity, depending on use occasion.

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