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High Quality Metal Label

times   2017-08-21

High Quality Metal Label

Today, one American customer called Jack come to our factory.


Firstly, we take Jack to the samples room. He was attacted by the all kinds of metal logo.


After he browseed the samples, he said that: All of them are beautiful and dedicate! I can't wait to see how to make them.


Our manager replied that: Thank you for your highly praise. Let’s visit, I will introduce to you.


The entire process just as below:

Printing line, Punching line, QC line…..

WhWhen Jack come to our QC line, he was interrogative because he cannot see the problems of the defective products. And then our QC director took out a magnifier to show that problems. He was amazing: Perfect, Such small problems can not be seen by the naked eye. Magnifier is a good helper.


KgKinguand nameplate co.,specilized in metal labels for more than 10 years, advocating the "zero defect" and " Get it right the first time" concept, establish system of production management in strict accordance with ISO9001 quality management standards.

 The company’s quality policy 

  • CWQC
  •  Continuous improvement
  •  Meet customer requirement 

 The Company’s quality target 

  • Customer complaints:less than 2%
  • Process the percent of pass: more than 90%
  • Product delivery on time rate: more than 98%
  • Customer Satisfaction: more than 90 points