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Do you know the colorimeter?

times   2017-08-07

Do you know the colorimeter?

Today, one customer came to our factory to do the quality testing with colorimeter for the Aluminum label. Do you know what is the colorimeter? How to use it? Maybe you know that, but I still would like to introduce for you.


1.What's the colourimeter?colorimeter

A colorimeter is a device used in colorimetry. According to the Lab and Lch principle of CIE color space, the measurement shows the color difference △E and △Lab value of the sample and the measured sample.


2.How to use it?

a. Press the test button on the right side of the instrument to read the standard L * a * b * absolute value.

b. Press the enter key, the lens port is the measured part of the sample, press the test button, and so on, after the sound of "beep" to remove the lens, then show the sample and the standard color difference: dL *, Da *, db * and so on.

c.Judge the color different and color direction.

d. Repeat the 1,2 points can be repeated detection of other items and the third point of the standard sample color difference.


3.Analysis Method

Automatically compare the color difference between the template and the seized goods, the output L, a, b three sets of data and color after the △E, △L, △a, △b four groups of color difference data.

△E the total color difference,

△L + said partial white, △L said partial black.

△a + that reddish, △a- that partial green.

△b + said partial yellow, △b- said bluish.


From the data of the colorimeter,although the QC customer said that we have some devitation, we still passed the test. In a word, colorimeter is a good equipment to test the color differences.