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A New Crafts Of Metal Stickers

times   2015-10-28

There are always have some drawbacks on conventional surface treatment processes, such as painting, silk screen, transfer-printing, etc., which can not be satisfied with customers .

It is difficult to achieve consistent results of painted. Screen printing and transfer-printing effect is too simple and the color is faded. The water transfer stickers in dealing with this problem is not only easy, and can be applied to different materials, but also because of the color pattern lively and substantial increase in the value of the products.
But what is water transfer stickers ?

Unlike metal stickers, water transfer stickers also known as water stickers, water label stickers, paper flowers, none-filmed label, water decals, water transfer paper,etc. Water stickers is a new surface treatment technology, which is based on water as the medium, combining cutting-edge precision offset printing and screen printing technology in surface patterning process of forming the new.

                                               Custom Logo Metal Bicycle sticker

Application Industries of water stickers:
Toys & Gifts: plastic toys, simulation car, toy car, airplane models, gifts and other products surface patterning;
Electronic products: the mouse, MP3 player, cell phone shell, telephones, small household appliances, watches and other products surface pattern processing;
Sporting goods: sports water bottles, bicycles, skates distillate, racket club and other products surface patterning;
Candles: candles crafts, Boli crafts, resin crafts, wooden crafts, art photo frames and other products surface patterning.

Material Scope: Plastic ABS, PC, PP, PVC, PU, PE, acrylic, alloy, glass, ceramics, wood and so on.

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