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A man collecting nearly 200 bike label

times   2015-10-20

With the diversification of modern transportation, bike not just a means of transport, but also become a symbol, which carried the cultural memory and imagination of the public. However, do you know how is the appearance of the bicycle label on planned economy era? At that time, bike belongs to the "luxury". With bikes drifting far from people's lives , Jiang Donghua, a man who collecting nearly 200 different historical periods and in different regions of bike label, reviewing the brilliant times of bicycle.



bike label


Before the Reform and Opening, the state carried out planned economy, the bicycle is in short supply goods, should ues tickets to buy. For the average family, buy a good bike equivalent to one year's salary, even if enough money, but also looked forward to a rare bike ticket. "My first bike is Feige, and very difficult to buy, cost lots of money and time." At that time, compare with watches and sewing machines, bike is the most expensive among "Big Three", but also the most practical one. Naturally, it become a hot commodity. "Who is to work riding a black Phoenix 28 bike, feeling quite cool and awesome, is tantamount to modern owning a Mercedes-Benz, BMW, it is enviable." Jiang Donghua said.



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